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Explainer Videos

The best way to show how your products or services to help solve a customer’s need.

Explain What!?!

      A NEW product

      A Complicated PROCESS

      A COOL development

Sometimes its just easier to show it…


“Your brilliant animations brought to life in the volunteer appreciation video had people laughing and clapping. It could not have been better received by a typically very critical audience!”

Cynthia McQueen, OTF


Informational Video
Geoff Weinstein “LEAN EMAIL”


Promotional & Tradeshow Video

Green Story

Keyring Media are creative problem solvers who were able to take complex concepts and make it appealing, relatable and understandable for
our audience. We tested out the platform almost immediately at a large conference and got amazing reviews from attendees, some of whom are
now our clients.

                                                                   – Akhil Sivanandan, Greenstory