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Video for All Business

Keyring Media is a Toronto-based video production company specializing in business videos.

We work with some of Canada’s largest companies – and many of its smallest – to produce high-quality videos for use with employees, website visitors, prospects, customers and other audiences.


Corporate Video Production

Companies with a formal onboarding process have a higher employee retention rate.

Turnkey Video Packages

Simple video solutions: web-ready files to upload to Youtube or Vimeo.

Explainer Video Creation

A great solution to introduce you and your product or service in an engaging way.



Using their algorithms, databases and your own pre-existing data, GreenStory calculates the footprint of your products or services. We created an explainer video that conveys – in a simple, concise and fun way – how GreenStory works and its benefits.


“Your brilliant animations brought to life in the volunteer appreciation video had people laughing and clapping. It could not have been better received by a typically very critical audience!”

Cynthia McQueen, OTF

Keyring’s Amazing Team:

Janine Harris

Executive Producer

Charlie Helsdon

Creative Director

Paul Cruikshank

Director of Photography