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Video for a cause…

Video is a valuable tool to effectively communicate your missions and engage with your members and stakeholders. Videos have the unique ability to convey messages in a visually compelling way – the ideal way to share impactful stories, raise awareness, and motivate action. 

By incorporating videos into your communication strategies, associations and non-profits can foster transparency, build a stronger sense of community, and effectively advocate for your causes, ultimately advancing your goals and creating a lasting impact on society.


Visual Storytelling: Videos are a powerful medium for storytelling. They allow you to convey your mission, impact, and the stories of those you serve in a visually engaging and emotionally resonant way.


Emotional Connection: Videos can evoke emotions more effectively than text or images alone. They can create empathy, inspire action, and deepen the connection between your organization and your supporters.


Conveying Complex Information: For organizations dealing with intricate issues or technical topics, videos can simplify and explain complex concepts effectively.


So, what we’ve gathered here is a collection of thoughts, inspirations and examples of ways to help associations, non-profits, and charities communicate better! Enjoy!!

Awareness & Advocacy

Videos can be used to advocate for policy changes or raise awareness about social issues, helping to mobilize support and drive action.


Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health

CanPath wanted to share how the data collected in their studies is used to support medical discoveries across the world.  We told the story of one study participant “Hex” across their life, alongside dozens of real world research results to show how each person’s contribution can make a difference.

The Lesson? Tell a good story.

 Ontario Health Study

OHS needed to reach out and motivate their study participants to fill out an extensive workplace history survey. We presented their plea in a light and friendly piece showcasing dozens of hands hard at work across dozens of jobs. We wanted every viewer to be able to see their work experience reflected and know that, no matter what they do, their input was critical. 

The Lesson?  Help viewers see themselves in your work and the roles they could play.

Train & Educate

Whether for internal staff and volunteers, or for the public, videos that educate are more engaging than text and help improve retention and understanding.  They also prove to be an incredibly flexible way to train teams and volunteers, ensuring they know what you need them to and enabling them to learn it on their own busy schedule.

Nature Conservancy of Canada

NCC had a tough challenge in describing the nature of a new land use designation in a way that could be easily understood by a diverse group of government and private stakeholders.
We collaborated with them to craft a message in plain language supported by clear, symbolic visuals to make their teaching as accessible as possible.

The Lesson?  Avoid jargon, speak like a human.


Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic CanPath needed to reach out to its health study participants for blood samples to help researchers study their antibodies.  Participants needed simple and clear instructions for collecting their own sample and shipping it properly from home. We were inspired by a certain Swedish furniture store to use simple step-by-step diagrams to make the process easy to follow.

The Lesson?  When educating, clarity is the most important thing.

Raise Funds

Video appeals are often more persuasive than written appeals. Non-profits can use videos to highlight the urgent need for funding and encourage donations.

 Epilepsy Canada

Epilepsy Canada wanted to create awareness and raise needed funds to support research. This promotional spot featured the faces and voices of people impacted by epilepsy. Our role was to help make these real people comfortable in front of a camera and create an inspiring message

The Lesson? Keep it real.

Michael Garron Hospital

Looking to promote their yearly fundraising soccer tournament, we put together this fun high energy spot to build excitement and encourage them to participate.

The Lesson?  When looking to inspire, a little flair can’t hurt.

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