Case Study:

Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health

Comprised of more than 330,000 volunteer participants, CanPath is a unique research platform that allows scientists to explore how genetics, environment, lifestyle, and behaviour interact and contribute to the development of chronic disease and cancer. 

The Project :

 CanPath was doing incredible work supporting scientific research around the world in the fight against chronic disease but needed to increase their profile, reputation, and influence among the general public and scientific communities. This included not only helping the public understand the importance and  of their work but also to increase awareness of  their datasets and how to access them among Canadian and international researchers.

The Problem :

We wanted to strike a balance between delivering the scientific stats and expertise to establish CanPath’s expertise while establishing feeling of approachability and trust among potential future participants in the general public that their medical data was safe and being used to make the world a better place.

The Solution :

Our approach was to spread this message across a series of three targeted animated videos. The first explained CanPath’s mission and processes to the public. The second targeted researchers to explain the breadth and advantages of CanPath’s datasets and how to access them and the third (featured here) celebrated how CanPath data has helped progress a wide-spectrum of scientific discoveries across the globe.

To help viewer’s connect and understand the participant’s role’s in these discoveries we introduced them to Hex and told the story of how one participant’s contributions throughout their life helped contribute. It’s not just about celebrating results but helping the viewer see how they could be an important part of something bigger.

As a result, the videos exceeded their viewing targets!

CanPath "How CanPath Data Enables Scientific Discoveries"