Case Study:

Clean Slate Strategies

“Change Is An Offer”

Change within a company isn’t an open threat, it’s an offer. Clean Slate specializes in creating customized UnScripted designs that address different issues within different organizations faced with change. 

The Project :

Clean Slate’s founder, Jennifer Spear, wanted to showcase a key strategy for managing change: being UnScripted. She wanted the concept to tell her story as well as explain the complex idea of throwing away the ‘scripts’ we use everyday in business. 

The Problem :

Jennifer needed a headliner video that communicated her unique approach to strategy in a clear and compelling way that establishes her credibility, showcases her personality and separates her from others in the crowded consultant space.  

The Solution :

Our approach was all about celebrating change, transforming the predictable black and white world of “business as usual” by literally distorting, glitching and shattering it with swaths of vibrant colour.

We recognized Jennifer’s own experience was a powerful proof of concept for the opportunity of embracing change, so we made that the core of video. Leading with the common belief that “change is a threat” she walks us through her story to show what’s possible, before encouraging the viewer to seek it in their own lives. 

After all, change isn’t a threat…it’s an offer.

Clean Slate Strategies "Change Is An Offer"